Concrete Polishing, Concrete Coating, Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding & Line Striping Service Contractors For Homes, Businesses & Industrial Properties Throughout All Of Tennessee.


We Follow All Safety Protocols & Procedures

At Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing we train our staff to follow certain safety guidelines and protocols to prevent any types of issues when entering a customers’ home or workplace. We ensure that when you hire us to do a certain service and invite us into your place of business or workplace, that there will be no unnecessary interruptions to your daily workflow. We strive to maintain consistency with our daily work schedule so that we don’t need to be another task on your already busy agenda. Our company policies and procedures are reviewed with our staff at the beginning of every job so that they understand what needs to be done and what isn’t allowed during work hours. We treat your home or workplace with the same respect that we treat our own home and belongings.

What To Expect

Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing will provide you with exceptional work and it’s our promise to you that we will follow all of your companies procedures including all safety protocols. We also provide the same assurance when entering your residence. When you hire us to do a certain service we will go over the guidelines and protocols with you  and we will go over them together as a company. We are always available to speak with you regarding your protocols and if there is a change we will address them with you.