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Shot Blasting

Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing

Shot Blasting Services

We provide professional shot blasting services for homeowners, business owners, and contractors. Shot blasting is the most important step when preparing the surface for a new floor. It completely removes old floor coatings and contaminants within the top layer. Shot blasting paves the way for a better looking new floor and increases the CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) as much as three times the original surface area. This allows the new flooring installation to have a better application and stronger adhesive bond.

Commercial & Residential Shot Blasting Services

Do you have a surface that needs prep, and you don’t have the time or manpower to get it done? Give us a call for all your grinding and shot blasting applications. Carpet glue and tile mortar are no problem for us. We have grinders ranging from full size 32” machine that are powered by 3 phase 480 volt power, requiring a generator that we provide, down to 4” hand grinders, designed to remove coatings in tight areas.  We also have the ability to shot blast 1000 ft. per hour, if the customer requires it we can make arrangements to secure the equipment to do more per hour. All grinding systems and shot blast setups are dust controlled with OSHA approved HEPA vacuums.

CSP 3-5 For Best Results

At Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing our staff is elite! We have the knowledge and skill to determine the correct size steel shot blast media to use that will achieve the desired exposed surface area.

Prepping the surface of your existing concrete floor is necessary for optimal floor installation. We offer shot blasting as an included service for our resinous floor installations but we also accept singular contracted projects.


Elite Concrete Coating and Polishing registered in 2017 but has over 10 years of experience in the concrete coating and polishing industry. We provide commercial and residential services for all of Tennessee.

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