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Reflector Floors

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Reflector Enhancing Flooring Systems

Reflector enhancing flooring systems have virtually endless possibilities and each floor is unrepeatable. You will never see the same floor anywhere around the world, no matter what, which gives your floor a personal, unique touch for your business or even in your home. Reflector enhancing floors have about 20 different color options but these colors usually meld together to create its’ own custom coloring option.

Reflector Enhancing Flooring Systems Contractors In Tennessee

If you’re looking for a completely customized decorative concrete flooring solution for your home, business or industrial property then you may want to look into reflector enhancing flooring systems. This type of coating for your concrete floor can never be reproduced and will enhance the look of your concrete floor. It will wow your customers if used for your business or will wow your family members if used in your home. You can use this type of flooring system in any area you have a concrete floor.

There are many different types of coating solutions when looking into upgrading your existing prepared concrete floor in your home, business or industrial property. We provide a variety of different types of coating applications including reflector floors. Reflector enhancing floors have endless possibilities and we will work closely with you to design and install an amazing concrete floor for you.

Why Reflector Floors?

This floor consists of a 100% solids industrial grade epoxy, meaning it has virtually no odor yet is still incredibly durable, with a highly reflective colored powder mixed in that creates a unique look, every time!  It’s a great solution for your retail space or in any area that the “wow” factor is required. Each floor is completely personalized because you can never replicate the design which will separate the look of your home or business from every one else, every time!


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