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Flake Floor Coating

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Paint Chip – Flake Flooring Coating

Decorative Flake Flooring Systems also known as Paint Chip Coatings are a great solution for many different areas your concrete floor is located in. It beats having to pay a large amount for terrazzo coatings and gives off a look that is very similar. Elite Concrete Coating and Polishing can achieve the look you’re going for when coating or polishing your concrete floor.

Flake Flooring Systems - Paint Chip Concrete Coating Services

Decorative flake flooring (paint chip coating) will give your concrete floor the look and function you need in any area it’s located in. You can completely customize the color variables and texture of your flake flooring system allowing it to match any area of your home or business. Flake flooring can give your concrete floor the look and feel of granite without having to pay the extremely high cost. It is the go to solution for any area but it is most commonly found in industrial and commercial settings. It creates a non-slip effect and gives off an elegant look that you can completely customize to make it look however you want. When working with the professionals at Elite Concrete Coating and Polishing you will get the floor you deserve and have it installed in a timely fashion.

Decorative Flake Flooring - Paint Chip Coating Benefits

Decorative flake flooring otherwise known as paint chip coating entails many benefits. Flake flooring is extremely durable and creates a barrier of strength over the concrete that prevents scratches, gives it better load baring capabilities, and most importantly a much longer lifespan for your concrete floor. Paint chip coating is easy to maintain and easy to clean. It’s almost completely a seamless application which eliminates cracks that would have dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold. It can also be cleaned with a hose, mop and harsh chemicals that won’t impact the coating. Not only does it function like you need it to but it also looks amazing.


Elite Concrete Coating and Polishing is conveniently located in Nashville, Tennessee. We service all of Tennessee with commercial & industrial concrete coating and polishing services and will also travel for residential projects. We are currently working in many different commercial & industrial properties throughout Tennessee but are accepting new clients. We will get the work done in a timely fashion and create an amazing finished product for all of our customers that not only looks great but performs as you need it to.

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