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Epoxy Quartz Concrete Coating

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Epoxy Quartz Flooring Systems

Quartz and epoxy coating for your concrete floor creates a great looking finished product. Blends of colored quartz granules and epoxy coating gives your concrete floor a functioning and pleasing finish that can be used on commercial, industrial and even residential properties. The possibilities are endless and when you work with us you will get the look you were looking for on your concrete floor.

Epoxy Quartz Decorative Concrete Coating For Industrial, Commercial & Residential Properties

Decorative quartz epoxy concrete coating is used in a variety of areas because of it’s possibilities. This is because of the wide range of color and texture options. Quartz epoxy coating can achieve everything from a subtle look to an extremely vibrant look and everything in between. Elite Concrete Coating and Polishing is your trusted quartz epoxy coating company and we can help you personally achieve the look you desire. We work closely with all of our clients to give you the satisfaction you deserve. Our professional skill and vast experience combined with your personal touch will produce a decorative quartz epoxy coated floor that will wow everyone who sees it. Not only does this type of flooring system look great but it also gives you all of the necessary functions your concrete floor needs no matter what environment it’s in.

Benefits Of Quartz Epoxy Coating

Quartz epoxy coating systems produce a high end look without the cost! This is extremely helpful for floors that are larger in size because it won’t break the bank but it will still look like you spent a fortune. Quartz epoxy coating is highly customize-able and is available in a variety of color combinations that can be made to match the existing colors of its environment. The texture and durability of quartz epoxy coating is great for environments with a lot of moisture such as showers, decks, restaurants, kitchens, pool decks and any other wet areas. Not only is it easy to maintain but it’s scratch resistant and very easy to clean.


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