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Concrete Sealing

Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing

Concrete Sealing Services

If you just finished installing an amazing decorative concrete floor in your home or business then you must finish it will a sealer. Sealers protect your decorative floor from water stains & damage, freeze/thaw cycles, dirt, deicing salts and much more.

Commercial & Residential Concrete Sealing Services

Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing provides complete concrete coating services including concrete sealing. We always highly recommend sealing your concrete floor after we have just finished coating or polishing your concrete. It prevents any damages to the floor that in due time will lead to having to redo your floor. Not only do you need to seal your concrete floor after having it coated or polished but all concrete floors should be sealed. It creates easy maintenance and a long lasting floor for years to come.

Benefits and Preventions

Sealing your concrete has many benefits and is crucial to keeping a great looking, great performing, concrete floor in your home or business. Sealed concrete protects your concrete floor from the following:

  • Oil stains
  • Tire marks
  • Deicing salts
  • Yellowing or fading
  • Water damage
  • Dirt, mud and mold
  • Lawn care chemicals


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It's Time To Seal Your Concrete

If you think it’s time to seal your concrete floor or if you are interested in a brand new, polished or coated concrete floor then you have come to the right place. We are fully equipped to take on commercial and residential jobs all throughout the state of Tennessee. We do travel and we do great work, every time! Clients choose us because they know they will get a great finished product and it will be done on time and in a safe manner.

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