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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing Services

Polished concrete is very beneficial for homes, businesses and commercial properties. The overall look of a polished concrete floor combined with its ability to take on damage and spills makes polishing your concrete floor an easy decision.

A Little About Polished Concrete And Our Process

We use the traditional, dry or wet, 7 to 9 step polishing system. Concrete is mechanically milled down using a series of diamond impregnated grinding segments. Similar to sandpaper, as the grit increases, the finer the polish.  Our standard polish allows for a medium gloss at a 400 grit, however we can take that past 800, all the way up to 1500.

Following a final seal coat, each floor is burnished to bring out its maximum gloss. Polished concrete is great for any high traffic area, except where heavy chemical exposure is anticipated.  It is easy to maintain and will last for years. Take advantage of our concrete polishing services today!

Commercial & Residential Concrete Polishing Services


Polishing your concrete floor is very beneficial for commercial and industrial properties. Manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage facilities, factories and many similar properties must have floors that can handle spills and daily damages to keep a safe working environment. Polished concrete creates a superior durability and lasting performance that keeps your floors clean, safe and looking great for many years to come.

We make sure we follow all safety protocols and procedures when we are working. When you hire us you don’t have to worry about us disrupting your work flow or creating any safety issues. We complete the work in a timely fashion and keep a tight schedule to avoid complications, disruptions or any unnecessary disturbances.


Homeowners are starting to catch on to the appeal of polished concrete. Most homeowners will choose to add different applications such as staining, scoring, borders and more to really give the finished floor a very appealing look. When you add a stain to a polished concrete floor, it creates a look of natural stone that is appealing in any area of your home.

The best part about polished concrete is that it’s very easy to maintain, durable and will look amazing for years to come. We provide consultation to all of our clients and we work closely with you so that we can produce a finished, polished concrete floor that you will love and that will appeal to you, your guests and everyone who lays eyes on your floor, guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The process of polishing concrete requires a great deal of expertise and that is why our clients choose us! We’re quickly becoming the leading concrete coating and concrete polishing company all throughout Tennessee. Our staff is fully skilled and equipped to take on any job and do it right, the first time around.

We make sure that we leave no room for error and that everything is fully checked to ensure satisfaction.


We provide superior concrete polishing services all around Tennessee. If you’re in the market for a polished floor then you need to contact the pros. We have over 10 years of experience in the coating and polishing industry and can take on any job, big or small!

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