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Concrete Coating

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Concrete Coating Services

At Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing we specialize in a wide range of concrete coating services. We provide concrete coating for the interior/exterior of residential properties as well as all commercial/industrial properties.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Coating Services Offered

At Elite Concrete Coating and Polishing we provide a wide ranges of concrete coating services. Coated concrete gives your concrete floor an amazing finish along with a strengthened surface that will last for years to come. It’s also very easy to maintain your concrete floor when it’s coated by us. We offer commercial and residential concrete coating services for businesses, large properties and small homes.

If your concrete floor is in need of a high performance coating or located in a high moisture area then our services are just right for you.


If you’re interested in beautifying your home with a newly coated concrete floor in your kitchen, basement, patio, garage or other concrete area, then you’ve picked the right guys for the job.

We not only create amazing floors, but we make sure the finished product matches the feel of the environment in your home. We help professionally design a floor that will elevate the look of your home, last for years and stay easy to manage.


We make sure we follow all safety protocols and procedures when we enter your place of business. We work and make sure there is no disturbance with your daily working operations.

Our goal is to make the transition of a newly coated or polished concrete floor for your business as smooth as possible for everyone involved. It’s simple, you hire us to do a certain job and we develop a plan to get that job done as quickly and efficiently as we can without decreasing the value of the work we are doing.


We strive to produce an amazing finished product that will last for many years to come. You can expect us to put all of our efforts into giving you the floor that you deserve, because after all, “your floors deserve to be elite!”

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