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Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing

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We’re devoted to giving our customers exactly what they are looking for. Not only do we deliver an amazing looking floor but we make sure it functions just as you need it to and that it will remain this way for years to come. From slip-resistant flooring to decorative concrete, we do it all and each floor we service is tailored to your exact specifications. Of course, we give you our professional advice but the end product is a floor that you will love and a floor that will function for years to come.



All of our staff must have a minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience to work with us. We also provide them in-depth training before they’re able to work in the field with us. We’re constantly registering with different classes and events to increase our knowledge and grow our skill set.

Great Work

We approach every job with a proven process that gets the job done the right way. We make sure the finished product not only looks amazing but functions just as it needs to. We review the end result of every job to make sure that nothing is done under the industry’s standards and that nothing was missed. Satisfaction and safety are our main concerns and we don’t say a job is complete until it is reviewed and everything is done correctly.

Time Efficient

Being on-time and finishing a job within the time frame given is something you can count on when you choose us. Our word goes a long way and we don’t make any false promises. When we say we’re going to do something or we’re going to have a job started and finished by certain date, we really mean it. We stay organized and this allows us to provide on-time services for all of our clients.

Nashville, Tennessee

About The Business.

Elite Concrete Coating & Polishing has been in business since 2017 and since then we’ve grown exponentially. We’re known for the exceptional work that we provide our clients and started out servicing residential properties. We’re proud to say that we are fully equipped to take on all commercial/industrial sized jobs and have been working in manufacturing plants all over Tennessee the past year.

There is no job that we can’t handle and we keep safety as our number one concern. We fully understand that when we enter a workplace there are certain guidelines we must follow. We completely adhere to all of the guidelines and operations set by your business and all of the safety guidelines we set as a company. We guarantee all of our work and are Tennessee’s leading concrete coating and concrete polishing contracting company.

SINCE 2017

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